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Stand-alone IR Rapid Fever Warning System (AI Powered)


Application: Rapid Fever Detection | Inspection and Quarantine | Medical


IR236 Rapid Fever Warning Systems are applied to mass fever screening in crowded public places, which help to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the virus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. IR236 combines advanced technology such as thermography human body temperature measurement algorithm and AI intelligent face tracking to make the equipment accurate and easy to use. IR236 is an ideal equipment to reduce and prevent the risk of virus transmission at the airport, railway stations, metro stations and other crowded public places.




AI - Deep Learning algorithm based on neural network for precise temperature measurement and lower false alarm rate

• Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature auto tracking and alarm

• Higher efficiency on temperature detection, for mass fever screening

Equipped with black body, real-time temperature calibration, higher accuracy

Face recognition detection function, more intelligent

Stand-type, easy to move, standard PC with powerful analysis software

CE, FCC, RoHS certified

2 years standard warranty


  • During this unprecedented health emergency due to Covid-19, we are experiencing strong demand for our thermal cameras to be used in Elevated Body Temperature Screening across India Region.

    We are committed to maintaining our operations and delivering critical products,  but still we advise our customers to make order in advance with minimum lead time of 15 days. 

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