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Professional IR Thermal Camera


Application: IR Thermography | Fever Detection | Inspection and Quarantine


C400M thermal imaging camera is an intelligent inspection device superior to any other thermal imaging products in its class. C400M integrates various technologies such as high resolution IR & visual imaging camera, high-end image processing, intelligent warning system, LCD Touch screen display, and wireless remote control connectivity to ensure the human temperature screening process is more simple, efficient and accurate. Used as Human Body Temperature (HBT) screening tool, it  can help detect virus related fevers quickly, intelligently at airports, stations, factories, schools and other gathering public places.




Provide fast temperature screening for a group of people in real-time

Support automatic abnormal fever warning

Support automatic temp calibration and warning pre-value setting

Rotary design for multi-angle observation

Easy Wi-Fi connectivity/ HDMI connectivity with external monitor

Handheld and Tripod mountable (Optional Tripod)

 CE, FCC, RoHS, IP54 certified

2 years standard warranty


  • During this unprecedented health emergency due to Covid-19, we are experiencing strong demand for our thermal cameras to be used in Elevated Body Temperature Screening across India Region.

    We are committed to maintaining our operations and delivering critical products,  but still we advise our customers to make order in advance with minimum lead time of 15 days. 

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