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A Message About COVID-19

In light of the global outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19), a declared pandemic, society is deeply concerned about the spread of infection and seeking tools to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus. Infrared thermography using VE thermal cameras can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever, a most common symptom noted in Covid-19 infection.

If the temperature of the skin in key areas (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above average temperature, then the individual may be selected for additional screening. Identifying individuals with elevated body temperature can be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.

Using VE thermal cameras especially designed for fever screening, officials can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening with virus-specific tests.

A variety of institutions, including banks, transportation agencies, businesses, factories, and front liners using our fever screening systems (FSS) as an effective prevention and control protocol to help resume work safely and efficiently and as part of employee health and screening in-line with Government advisory.

During this global emergency and desperate time of need, we at Vusic Electronics (FSS Division) are committed to dedicate our resources to streamline supply chain of our fever screening systems directly to those on the front-lines.




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